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Gateway Public Inquiry

The planning application for this proposed development was submitted to Warwick District Council (WDC) on 12th September 2012. The application reference number was W/12/1143. Baginton Parish Council objected to the planning application and made representations at the Planning Committee meetings on 19th December 2012 and 12th June 2013. The Planning Committee voted 7 to 3 in favour of approving the application at the June meeting. The Parish Council wrote asking the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, to call-in the application, as the decision by WDC was against National Planning Policy. Mr Pickles decided to do this and instructed WDC not to grant planning permission pending a Public Inquiry.

The Public Inquiry finished on 13th May 2014 and the Inspector wrote his report and recommendation for the Secretary of State. A decision was announced on Friday 12th February 2015 and the Secretary of State refused planning permission. A copy of the decision letter and report is now available.

Proofs of Evidence

The Applicant, Councils (Local Planning Authorities (LPA)) and Rule 6 parties have produced Proofs of Evidence for the Planning Inspector, laying out their cases. These were exchanged on Tuesday 4th March 2014 and the main documents are listed here and are available as attachments below.

Applicant's Proofs of Evidence: -

APP 1 - Economic

APP 2 - Transport

APP 3 - Air Quality

APP 4 - Noise

APP 5 - Remediation

APP 6 - Drainage

APP 7 - Heritage

APP 8 - Ecology

APP 9 - Landscape

APP 10 - Planning

Council's Proofs of Evidence: -

LPA - Employment Issues

LPA - Green Belt

LPA - Planning Overview

LPA - Transportation Issues

Rule 6 Parties' Proofs of Evidence: -

The Community Group: -

TCG 1 - The Economic Case

TCG 2 - The Social Case

TCG 3 - Ecology and Landscape

TCG 4 - Contamination

TCG 5 - Commercial Considerations

TCG 6 - Issues Affecting Safety and Third Party Risk

TCG 7 - Planning Policy

Councillor Bertie MacKay: -

BM 1 - Evidence by Cllr MacKay

BM 2 - Evidence by Cllr Illingworth

BM 3 - Misuse of Regional Spatial Strategy

BM 4 - Evidence by Cllr Fawcett

BM 5 - Zone A, Access and Transport

BM 6 - Evidence by Cllr Blacklock

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (15-02-12 DL_IR Coventry_Warwickshire Gateway.pdf)Decision by Secretary of StateDecision letter and report1931 Kb
Download this file (APP 1.3 - Economic Summary.pdf)APP 1Economic (summary only)93 Kb
Download this file (APP 2.1 - Transport PoE.pdf)APP 2Transport401 Kb
Download this file (APP 3.1 - Air Quality PoE.pdf)APP 3Air Quality340 Kb
Download this file (APP 4.1 - Noise PoE.pdf)APP 4Noise1009 Kb
Download this file (APP 5.1 - Remediation PoE.pdf)APP 5Remediation528 Kb
Download this file (APP 6.1 - Drainage PoE.pdf)APP 6Drainage278 Kb
Download this file (APP 7.1 - Heritage PoE.pdf)APP 7Heritage511 Kb
Download this file (APP 8.1 - Ecology PoE.pdf)APP 8Ecology354 Kb
Download this file (APP 9.1 - Landscape PoE.pdf)APP 9Landscape380 Kb
Download this file (APP A10.1 - Planning PoE.pdf)APP 10Planning1177 Kb
Download this file (LPA1 - Summary Proof of Evidence Employment.pdf)LPAEmployment Issues (summary only)98 Kb
Download this file (LPA2 - Green Belt Proof.pdf)LPAGreen Belt208 Kb
Download this file (LPA3 -  Planning Overview Proof.pdf)LPAPlanning Overview550 Kb
Download this file (LPA4 - Transport Proof.pdf)LPATransport Issues325 Kb
Download this file (TCG 1 Proof The Economic Case.pdf)TCG 1The Economic Case259 Kb
Download this file (TCG 2 Social.pdf)TCG 2Social759 Kb
Download this file (TCG 3 Proof Ecology and Landscape final.pdf)TCG 3Ecology and Landscape211 Kb
Download this file (TCG 4 Contamination.pdf)TCG 4Contamination56 Kb
Download this file (TCG 5 Proof of Evidence Final.pdf)TCG 5Commercial Considerations140 Kb
Download this file (TCG 6 Proof of Evidence Final Version.pdf)TCG 6Issues Affecting Safety and Third Party Risk79 Kb
Download this file (TCG 7 Proof Planning Policy final.pdf)TCG 7Planning Policy333 Kb
Download this file (xBM 1 Evidence by Cllr MacKay.pdf)BM 1Evidence by Cllr MacKay142 Kb
Download this file (xBM 2 Evidence by Cllr Illingworth.pdf)BM 2Evidence by Cllr Illingworth88 Kb
Download this file (xBM 3 Misuse of Regional Spatial Strategy.pdf)BM 3Misuse of Regional Spatial Strategy137 Kb
Download this file (xBM 4 Evidence by Cllr Fawcett.pdf)BM 4Evidence by Cllr Fawcett43 Kb
Download this file (xBM 5 Zone A, Access and Transport.pdf)BM 5Zone A, Access and Transport112 Kb
Download this file (xBM 6 Evidence by Cllr Blacklock.pdf)BM 6Evidence by Cllr Blacklock76 Kb
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