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Communication and Engagement Strategy

The purpose of this strategy is to guide Baginton Parish Council’s communication and engagement with its residents and partners. The Council recognises that the services it provides must reflect the needs of its parishioners and locality.

As a Council, we want to ensure that communications are two-way: telling people about the Council and also listening to what people tell us about themselves and the service improvements they would like to see.

The Community Engagement Strategy will enable all local people, businesses and stakeholders to become involved in decisions which affect them and their neighbourhood and which shape the future of their parish.


Baginton Parish Council will ensure that it communicates with all its residents in a timely and effective manner, to inform and consult them about matters which affect them. The Parish Council will publicise the services offered by the Council and will endeavor to ensure communication is clear and appropriate.
The key stakeholders with which the Council must communicate include: residents; staff; Councillors (Parish, District and County); MP; Warwick District Council; Warwickshire County Council; local village businesses; community groups; village organisations; police and press.


  • To improve, plan and shape the future of the parish according to local needs and priorities
  • To improve the quality and delivery of services
  • To use engagement to inform decision making, ensuring decisions meet the needs of the parish
  • To enhance the well-being of the parish
  • To be a stronger, active and cohesive parish
  • To work towards improving and enhancing the environment and the quality of life for residents

How this will be achieved:

  • Parish Council meetings are open to the public and include an opportunity for members of the parish to engage with Councillors. All meetings include an item for public participation.
  • Agendas for all meetings are sent to Parish and District Councillors and posted on the village notice boards and the Parish Council website in advance of each meeting.
  • Contact details for all Councillors and the Clerk are available on the village notice board and the Parish Council website.
  • A Parish Council Report will be sent for inclusion in every issue of the Baginton Village Newsletter (see the website Home page for the latest issue).

Baginton Village website: will be reviewed and improved so that special events, important notices and local information are added and updated regularly. All contributions to be posted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as per the website.

Village Notice Boards: The village notice boards will continue to be regularly updated to provide information about the activities of the Parish Council and its partners. The public may use these notice boards by sending information to be placed on the boards to the Clerk.

The Parish Council will:

  • Continue to attract as many participants as possible to the Annual Parish meeting.
  • Continue to support the village Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
  • Continue to liaise with the local police on local issues
  • Continue to support local groups and organisations and engage with them in meeting their own aims and objectives
  • Support local projects and participate in local events. This will assist in raising the awareness of the Council and its Aims and objectives
  • Will work with the Parish Plan Steering Group to help them with the implementation of the Parish Plan
  • Support the work of local initiatives e.g. Community Orchard scheme and the village Tidy Up Group
  • Facilitate and launch new local initiatives

For any village initiatives, consultation will be undertaken with residents in the vicinity before the commencement of any work.

Consultations / Parish surveys will be carried out to consult on issues of local concern.

The Parish Council will consult on all major developments in the village, in particular those that affect a large number of parishioners e.g. new housing, traffic calming, major planning applications and uses for the Millennium Field.


Local Plan Revised Development Strategy and Options for Gypsy and Travellers Sites Consultation

  • Warwick District Council has prepared a revised Local Plan for Warwick District, which will guide the area's future development for the next 15 years. The document has been prepared and is supported by a range of reports that can be found on the WDC website
  • Following a public consultation, the plan was approved by WDC in January 2015 and was submitted to the Inspector along with the consultation comments. The Inspector set a date for the examination in public of the Local Plan of 6th – 12th May 2015. This initial session concentrated on soundness in respect of housing and WDC’s duty to cooperate with neighbouring councils. Following issues raised during this examination, the Inspector agreed to suspend the Local Plan Examination until May 2016 to allow time for WDC to address his concerns.
  • Once this additional work was completed, final hearing Sessions took place from September to December 2016. The Inspector published his report on 28th July 2017 and WDC resolved to adopt the Plan at their meeting on 20th September 2017.
  •  Correspondence between the Inspector and WDC can be found on the Local Plan Examination area of WDC's website.


Coventry & Warwickshire Gateway Development: -

  • The planning application for this proposed development was submitted to Warwick District Council (WDC) on 12th September 2012. The application reference number was W/12/1143. Baginton Parish Council objected to the planning application and made representations at the Planning Committee meetings on 19th December 2012 and 12th June 2013. The Planning Committee voted 7 to 3 in favour of approving the application at the June meeting. The Parish Council wrote asking the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, to call-in the application, as the decision by WDC was against National Planning Policy. Mr Pickles decided to do this and instructed WDC not to grant planning permission pending a Public Inquiry.
  • The Public Inquiry finished on 13th May 2014 and the Inspector wrote his report and recommendation for the Secretary of State. A decision was announced on Friday 12th February 2015 and the Secretary of State refused planning permission. A copy of the decision letter and report is now available.
  • See the Gateway Public Inquiry section for Proofs of Evidence that were presented at the Inquiry.
FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (10052013_PCsobjection_RSS.pdf)Parish Council Response 10th May 2013Additional joint response from Stoneleigh & Ashow, Bubbenhall and Baginton Parish Councils295 Kb
Download this file (AgainsttheGateway_poster.pdf)PosterAgainst the Gateway Poster171 Kb
Download this file (Coventry and Warwickshire Gateway Development update 21.06.12.pdf)Parish Council Update 21st June 2012Coventry & Warwickshire Gateway Development69 Kb
Download this file (Coventry and Warwickshire Gateway Development.pdf)Parish Council Update 17th May 2012Coventry & Warwickshire Gateway Development48 Kb
Download this file (Final Baginton Nplans.pdf)Neighbourhood PlanNeighbourhood Plan Questionnaire245 Kb
Download this file (Gateway poster portrait.pdf)PosterSay No to Gateway poster105 Kb
Download this file (Letter L089 WDC PRE.12.0111 Gateway EIA scope 17.6.12..pdf)Parish Council Response 17th June 2012Response to proposed scoping opinion for Gateway Development1234 Kb
Download this file (Letter L094 Gateway W12.1143 initial response 12.10.11.pdf)Parish Council Response 12th October 2012Initial response to planning application for Gateway Development1061 Kb
Download this file (Letter L095  Gatway W12 1143 BPC formal response no sig 11.11.12.pdf)Parish Council Response 11th November 2012Final response to planning application for Gateway Development1792 Kb
Download this file (Letter L100  Gatway W12 1143 BPC further objection final 25.11.12.pdf)Parish Councils Response 25th November 2012Additional joint response from Stoneleigh & Ashow, Bubbenhall and Baginton Parish Councils19 Kb
Download this file (Letter L107  Gatway W12 1143 BPC further objection Final 10.3.13.pdf)Parish Council Response 10th March 2013Response to planning application for Gateway regarding Green Infrastructure Strategy111 Kb
Download this file (Letter L121 Gatway W12 1143 BPC to DCLG final 11.6.13.pdf)Parish Council "Call-in" Letter 11th June 2013Call-in Letter to the Secretary of State340 Kb
Download this file (Newsletter Issue 1.pdf)Developer's Newsletter 13th June 2012Developer's newsletter918 Kb
Download this file (StoneleighAshowJointObjection041212.pdf)Parish Council Response 4th December 2012Additional joint response from Stoneleigh & Ashow, Bubbenhall and Baginton Parish Councils140 Kb
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